Schelle Racing B6 67mm Light CVW Bone Set, Pin Drive

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The Schelle B6 67mm Light Bone Set is for B6 racers that want the latest “long bone” setups.  2mm longer than the kit 65mm bones, the long 67mm bones can move through the range of suspension travel with less angle mis-alignment.  This translates to less bind on power and more rear grip as the suspension works under load instead of locking out due to the drivetrain.

The 2 piece bones utilize a lightweight aluminum pin drive shaft mated to proven MIP steel CVA yokes.   The bones can handle the power of both Modified and 17.5 racers.  Pin drive bones work with the kit B6 steel outdrives, or B6 pin drive Bi-Metal MIP differentials (see SCH1259 pin drive B5 and B6 Bi-Metal diff) and have a positive driving feel, locking the rear end in on-power.    Many racers like the feel of pin drive shafts because they enable the buggy to set into the corners and carve without getting upset by small steering inputs or bumps.  With the Schelle Light Bones, racers get the best of both worlds, light weight and stable handling.


  1. Rotating weight savings. 7.5 grams vs 11 grams for steel kit units.
  2. Rebuildable 2 piece design, change either the aluminum bones* or steel CVA yokes.
  3. 67mm length mates with option Schelle long bone axles or using the “hub mod” to shift the axle outward using aluminum hubs.
  4. Works for 17.5 or Modified motors.
  5. Fits B6 or B6D with Schelle or Associated aluminum option rear hubs, 67mm axle modification req’d.

*Spare 65mm bones are SCH1290 for 65mm or you can try the option 67mm long bones (alternate axles req’d) SCH1288 which mate with the same steel MIP yokes.

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